“The Highway Culture”

Reference Guide on VAAK Culture (β)

We compare our culture to highway. As highway has a lower limit of speed, you cannot perform well if you’re under the limit. But above that speed, you can feel and enjoy strong freedom with organized infrastructure. Let us explain more about it.

Our highway is kind of our best practices of business actions. It tells the way but what to do. It helps you accelerated and helps us realize muscular management system in every detail. Rationality brings rationality and makes it easier to keep things in order.

There are three categories: Thought, Communication and Problem-Solving.

I. Highway / Culture

1. Thought Highway

Objective Forward
  • Focus on what matters the most
  • Always have plans with multiple options
Logical and Stractual
  • Keep MECE on deduction (at least the 1st layer).

2. Communication Highway

Transparent Circulation
  • Speedy information sharing: basically text-base broadcasting
  • Use face to face on only with meaningful intentions
Make others ready
  • Share goals and overviews first
  • Share update on issues regularly

3. Problem-Solving Highway

Zero Latency
  • Solve or plan-and-patch right then
  • No issue unrelated to you
Problem Extraction
  • Catch the signal (predict risk)
  • Have axisof analysis (value chain/timeline/etc)

II. Guide / Value

We have guides to help you accelerate on our highway. Our values (Hack/Flow/Evolve) are the guides on the highway.

1. Hack


We will make efforts to improve the quality of problem-solving by referring to appropriate experts and information to see whether the approach to the problems are sophisticated so that the team can deliver the higher quality of  services and processes.        


Think about the necessary outcome. Structurally grab and find the most efficient way with the shortest path. A great idea sometimes comes out from an extraordinary approach, and the accumulation of great idea overwhelms the competition.


We realize more with less resources. The spirit of thriftiness is the source of ingenuity, autonomy,and  inventions. The large number of staff, budgets, fixed costs are not always good enough to succeed in achieving the goal.

2. Flow


Work, which occupies a big weight of your life, is a way to realize your vision in a cycle of absorption and success, not a way to be forced to do something. The point is that work as life suites to your vision and that you can concentrate on it thoroughly.


As long as your vision is shared and your mission is clearly defined, the micro management is not carried out to such trusted members. Instead, as a professional person, the higher achievement (more than 10 times the average employee) and higher self-management ability are required.


You are the owner who act not only on behalf of your own team but also the company. There is no border for the problem solvers.

3. Evolve


It is important to strive for mutual understanding and establish an appropriate trusted relationship. Thorough and creative discussions that leads the business, and good comfort without unnecessary management are based on it.


Diversity is indispensable for the outstanding productivity. It is important to bring their own experiences, values, and insights to make a chemical reaction among the team. Even if it is awkward, let's fearlessly discuss with respect. Conversely, if not, you're not eligible to participate in the discussion.


We aim to make a  truly reasonable decision without being bound by customs and prejudice. The rules will become obsolete. We always capture the essence qualities of a thing. Let's solve with the mechanisms.

III. Entrance / Eligibility

So far, we described what is highway and how we act there. But the most important aspect for organization is to choose right persons beforehand. There’s a highway runner by nature and those are one of the ideal candidates for us.

Here I just show the criteria we use effectively.

1. Qualities


We ask your past and future to see how our visions can overlap: preference of social contribution, domain, attitude, life-stage and so on.


We share our problems and wait for your solution and action plan to see if you have right skills. It’s also the beginning of our onboarding.


It’s important how you’ve been training yourself to make your performance better and better. Highway runner is a kind of athlete.

2. Performance

Rapid cycle

With the process above, you’re expected to be work-ready from day 1. If not, we adjust you rapidly to make you play active.

IV. Closing

Culture is how a company operates. We need a culture that avoids the rigidity, politics, mediocrity, and complacency that infects most organizations as they grow.

Our culture development is still working in progress. We try to refine our culture further as we learn more.

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